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Who We Are

The Butcher of Kingsville focuses on local animals raised responsibly without the use of steroids, hormones or antibiotics. By supporting our local farmers, we work towards building a sustainable community where a quality food supply exists for tomorrow. Specialty meats are also featured. 

From pasture to plate, the practice of Whole Animal Butchery and the butcher's craft are the essential step to ensure your meat is flavourful, tender and best prepared for cooking. Practices such as dry aging beef ensures a concentrated beef flavour & maximizes tenderness. Whole animal butchery ensures all cuts & sizes are available. 

All of our beef is graded AAA or Prime. 

Specializing in...

*Dry Aged Beef

*Organic & Specialty Meats

*Artisan Cheeses

*Local & Imported Grocery Items 

*And More!



Customer Care & Service

Hi! my name is Noah, i’ve been working at the butcher of kingsville for about 2 1/2 years now. I’m a butcher here, as well as selling products out of our specialty meat and cheese cases. My favourite cut of beef is Tri-tip! If you’ve never heard of it, come on into the shop to give it a try!

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