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Grass Finished Beef Program 2023

Its the time of year again where we settle in and start planning for the winter, the holiday season and stocking up for the months ahead. As always, providing you with the best quality, healthy local meat is our number one priority.

Below, you will find all the details of this year's 100% Grass Raised, Fed & Finished Beef Program.


These animals are steroid, hormone and antibiotic FREE! Also, the meat is dry-aged, properly portioned, vacuum packed, labeled and ready for your freezer! FREE DELIVERY is also available as is pick-up.


First confirmed, first served.


We are taking orders NOW, and the beef will be prepared and ready after Thanksgiving through the December holiday season.


Only a limited amount of these animals are available, so read on for all the details. 


At the Butcher of Kingsville, a safe, local meat supply and offering remains our number one priority. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to hearing from you!

About The Program 

  • Stock your freezer 

  • Share with family / friends 

  • Delivered to you FREE 


As in the past, this beef is available on a First-Confirmed, First-Served basis and priority will be given to those that are purchasing Whole, Half or Quarter animals. These cattle will be available from October through to the end of December. 

Why Grass-Finished Beef


What is Grass-Finished Beef?

A grass finished steer is an animal raised exclusively on pasture eating grasses, and hay in the winter months. These animals did not receive any grain in their diet.


More details about the Grass-Finished Beef

  • Angus x Limousin breed

  • Pasture raised only WITHOUT the use of any steroids, hormones or antibiotics

  • Raised on a Pesticide Free, natural home farm, here in Southwestern Ontario


People are becoming more aware and conscious about making choices to promote the health of themselves, their families and community. From eating a natural, chemical, steroid, hormone and antibiotic free diet, to choosing local foods that support their local economy, foster a sustainable community, and minimize the environmental footprint they leave. 


  • You Are What You Eat - There is a growing body of science that links the relationship between what we eat and how healthy we are. Whether you are using food for disease prevention or maintenance, feeding young developing children or simply making good choices for your overall well-being, it doesn't get any better than this when sourcing a great meat.

  •  You Have Access to a Naturally Raised, Local Beef (the old fashioned way) - Farmer's don't raise cattle like this anymore, it is not as profitable and it takes longer, thus this meat is not readily available.


  • No Contamination - the whole animal is brought in, portioned and labeled according to your preference by our Butcher. You receive the meat of a single animal only, with no risk of contamination.


  • Stock Your Freezer - This beef is only available in the fall months as it takes longer to grow, thus it is not always available. Be prepared and have some of the grass finished beef in your freezer throughout the year.


  • Share with your family and friends! - Perhaps the large format is too much for you? This is a great opportunity to share a portion and split the volume.


  • Your Order is Customized To Suit Your Needs -  Our butcher reviews the cuts and portion size you desire, and prepares it according to your needs. Everything comes vacuum packed and labeled with what's inside, the weight and packed on date.


  • Save Money by Buying in Bulk - Grass Finished Ground Beef is selling for more than $10/lb. By buying a larger portion you get all the cuts, including steaks, roasts, ground, bones below retail value. For full pricing see below.

What to Expect (Portions, Cuts, Packaging, etc.)

Based on the average animal size, the following is a breakdown of the cuts and the amount of each cut one can expect from each quarter. 











Important Notes:

  • Buying the whole animal is great for sharing between family and friends.  (Keep in mind this program is only available in the Fall, thus these volumes may not seem so overwhelming when you think about using them over a year's time.)

  • Weights are measured and based on the hanging weight of the animal. Weights will vary. The weights of cuts listed above is subject to change based on each individual animal. 


  • All the options above include any/all bones.


  • Nothing will be cut before a hanging age of 21 days ensuring your beef is tender and delicious.


  • The price includes all cut, vacuum packing and labeling.


  • The pack sizes can be changed to suit your family's needs. Just let us know if there are any changes you would prefer (ex. 2" steaks instead of 1", 2 lb roasts etc).  


  • This program does not qualify for Carnivore Club stamps. 


How Much Does it Cost?

Please see below for a summary of the options available, their approximate size and estimated cost. 






If you are interested please reserve your beef sooner than later as it sells quickly.

If you have any questions, please call us 519-712-9573.

Thank you for your interest in Grass Finished Local Cattle.


We thank you and look forward to hearing from you.



The Butcher of Kingsville Team

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